When the birth of the aluminum glass slider opened up the world you live in

Two vintage look-alikes of the famous all-steel Eichler spotted on the bayou of Louisiana

Print ads of the mid-century underscore the era's genuine desires and anxieties

One decade later: why haven't other Eichler neighborhoods joined the original two?

On the Homefront

Rhythmic House with History
Rare NorCal Craig Ellwood design—his Daphne House is for sale in Hillsborough
Rising from the Ashes
East Bay home by architect Henry Hill lost to fire reborn thru thoughtful re-visioning

Home Improvement

Modern Gardening: Rooted in Chinese Culture
Chi-minded gardening dynamo turns her Davis Streng home into a tranquil healing haven
Eichler Interior Paneling
Thinking through a home re-panel project—maintaining the look for a few dollars a sheet


Green Fairway Estates - Palm Springs
An exotic, quirky hideaway, this Palm Springs tract recently rediscovered its Alexander roots
The Summit (a.k.a. the Eichler Summit)
Once a tower of controversy and Eichler's dream, meet this legend of 'non-pretentious elegance'


On the Road Again: Trailers
With a renaissance underway, broken-down travel trailers return to reclaim their modernist roots
Modern Architecture: Pyramid Power
Swayed by their architect to go New Age, Streng brothers have a cosmic energy fling