This week will be a big one for that enchanting but crumbling Carter Sparks gem we looked at earlier in Fair Oaks. The house and lot listed for sale on Friday, with an asking price of $279,900. It's already getting offers.

Tips from a remodeler of many kitchens on how to create a flow from indoors to out, for seamless summer dining.

The polls close June 30. Make your voice heard!

Of course you can buy kits for mid-century modern playhouses. With the kids home from school, it might be time to do just that.

It’s been a hard-fought battle to preserve Edgewood Plaza, the only shopping center Joe Eichler developed. But after a 10-year struggle to keep the center from being torn down, a new grocery store has opened as an anchor tenant that celebrates the structure’s Eichler heritage.

Our bi-weekly dose of laughs from the preeminent Eichler cartoonist Brian Narelle.

One of the architect's earliest custom homes, a dazzling, Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced A-frame, sits abandoned and crumbling, its owner unsure whether to raze or rehab it.

Artist Alan VanEss presents his series of mid-century modern homes, "Reflections on Modernist Masters," at Redwood City's Back Yard Coffee.

For mid-century modern house flippers in this now-booming market, the name of the game is targeting sales to fans of the style, even if that means a larger investment. That is, if they can even find inventory to begin with.

Expert tips for keeping your house cooler and greener this summer as the temperatures crank upward.